Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Widescreen RX-8 Silver photo-shoot

Mazda RX-8 Silver photo-shoot
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A rear lip spoiler comes standard when you opt for the close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission

Mazda RX-8 door system
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freestyle door system allows for easy entry and exit for rear seat passengers

Mazda RX-8 4-door sedan
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Freestyle door system allows the convenience of a 4-door sedan with the look of a 2-door sports car

Mazda RX-8 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels
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features standard 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with low-profile P225/45R18 summer tires

Mazda RX-8 LED taillights
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Standard LED taillights feature instant illumination enhancing reliability and visibility

Mazda RX-8 rain-sensing windshield wipers
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Available rain-sensing windshield wipers activate automatically at the first sign of rain

engine Mazda RX-8
RENESIS rotary engine features six intake ports and a variable fresh air duct for excellent performance

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