Monday, November 30, 2009

Widescreen RX-8 Sport AT Interior

Mazda RX-8 Sport white-on-black
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The RX-8 Sport AT features a high-contrast white-on-black gauge color scheme

Mazda RX-8 Sport LCD touch screen
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Available voice-activated navigation system with in-dash 7-inch LCD touch screen helps keep focus on the road

Mazda RX-8 Sport 6-speed transmission
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Steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters are available with the 6-speed Sport automatic transmission

Mazda RX-8 Sport audio, cruise control
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Easily control audio, cruise control and available Bluetooth® hands-free phone system from the steering wheel

Mazda RX-8 Sport shifter
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Close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission delivers precise gear selection thanks to its short-throw shifter

Mazda RX-8 Sport Auxiliary-audio
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Auxiliary-audio input jack provides easy connection for compatible MP3 players

Mazda RX-8 Sport shift mode 6
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Available 6-speed Sport automatic transmission includes manual shift mode paddle shifters

Mazda RX-8 Sport 7-inch LCD touch screen
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Available in-dash 7-inch LCD touch screen lets you adjust your preferences of the available Bose® audio system