Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Widescreen RX-8 Red photo-shoot

Mazda RX-8 driving dynamics
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The RX-8 combines world renowned driving dynamics, with unexpected versatility

Mazda RX-8 aerodynamic
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Sleek, aerodynamic curves tell the story of the RX-8's rich racing heritage

Mazda RX-8 Red photo
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wide stance and low coefficient of drag help it slice through the wind

Taut, muscular Mazda RX-8 Red
Image tags: amzda rx-8, mzada rx-8.

Taut, muscular lines give RX-8 the look of perpetual motion — even when standing still

Mazda RX-8 4-wheel suspension
Image tags: madza rx-8, mazad rx-8.

race-proven 4-wheel independent suspension provides flat cornering and quick response

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